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For over 50 years Cvikota Medical Business Services has been one of the top medical billing companies in medical claims filing, patient billing, and accounts receivable management. When you partner with our revenue cycle management team you’re in the hands of committed medical billing professionals who will do everything possible to get your medical claims properly paid. See why so many healthcare providers rely on us for outsourcing their medical billing.

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As the industry continues its march toward value-based payment models, effective revenue cycle management will require a new and more diverse skill set. Getting a clean medical claim out the door is only a small piece of a successful revenue strategy, and becoming an expert on everything RCM while serving patients is more challenging every day. The Cvikota Medical Business Services team is proactive in staying on top of ever-changing billing industry requirements. We’re practice management specialists with the revenue cycle management knowledge and resources to do the job right. Successfully navigate the changing RCM landscape with ease.

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We’re data experts who help our clients make the most of their RCM and EHR data. Our powerful reporting and analysis tools, available to you directly via our secure Client Portal will help make the most of your data and will provide insight and analysis for making sound business decisions.

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Our fees are based on a percentage of collections and are a function of your payor mix, service mix, and data capture possibilities, among other criteria. We want to earn your business and we promise to be as competitive as we can without compromising our commitment to high performance.

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Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCM)

From appointment scheduling and patient registration, until each claim balance reaches zero, Cvikota Medical Business Services provides professional revenue cycle management services (RCM) with personal service available nowhere else. We work with our providers to verify eligibility and accurately gather all necessary patient information and manage every step of the medical billing process.

As new third-party payment plans emerge and the healthcare industry transitions from traditional fee-for-service to pay-for-value models, successful revenue cycle management requires a more complex skill set. Conventional revenue streams are giving way to more complex payor mixes and payment methodologies, many of which shift the financial risk of providing care from payors to physicians. MACRA, MIPS, APMs (alternative payment models), pay-for-performance (P4P), accountable care organizations (ACOs), E-Prescribing, EHR meaningful use, and capitation are all becoming vital elements in a healthy revenue makeup. New, robust technologies and analysis tools are standard equipment for smart managers.

See how Cvikota MBS helps you thrive in these changing environments.

Practice Metrics and Analysis

Cvikota Medical Business Services is more than a medical billing company. After almost 45 years working in practice management we know how successful practices work and the information physicians and managers need to make sound decisions for their practice. Mining from multiple sources like our billing system, your EHR, clearinghouse data, and 835 electronic remittance advice, we go way beyond standard end-of-month reporting and dig deep for the practice intelligence you need to thrive.

Medical Coding and Compliance Program

The Cvikota MBS team was instituting corporate compliance programs long before it was a standard industry practice. Through proven programs and approaches, we provide confidence to our clients that they are protected against abuse and fraud.

Client Portal

The Cvikota MBS secure Client Portal provides our clients the information they need, when they need it.

Advanced Billing Technology (Turning Data into Dollars)

Smart revenue cycle management is about using your data to obtain optimum reimbursement. As your data company, we'll help you discover long term trends and analyze practice metrics, statistics, and key performance indicators, providing you with the knowledge you need to make sound decisions.

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