Advice on optimizing an independent private radiology practice and keeping out corporate infiltrators
May 19, 2021

While independent private practice had served as the dominant model in radiology for years, that has changed post-2000 for myriad reasons. But despite corporate forces’ growing foray into the specialty, experts see opportunity for some operators to remain independent.

Kansas radiologist Kamran Ali, MD, and co-authors shared some of their best practices and critical success factors on Tuesday in JACR. They believe there is still a place for private practice, even amid the "current healthcare milieu" that’s forcing providers to reconsider their business setup.

"Evolving payment models, governmental regulations, resource needs, and report turnaround time demands are some factors that can threaten the independence of a practice," Ali, with the Wichita Radiological Group, and co-authors explained May 3 in the American College of Radiology’s official journal. "Acknowledging these factors and having a game plan to mitigate threats and seize on opportunities will allow practices the option to remain independent."