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Over 50 years of experience

We are a USA-based medical billing company working with independent physicians who want outstanding results in their accounts receivables. Through five decades we have carefully developed our best practices to provide attentive, boutique-level medical billing services while offering outstanding value. As a proven provider of medical billing services and comprehensive practice management, we bring our unique experience and proven medical billing processes to all of our business relationships. Independent physicians, hospitals, and office based practices alike rely on us as their trusted comprehensive revenue cycle team.

committed to helping you thrive

Hiring a professional medical billing service is a big step, but one that will make your life easier. Increased revenue from claims as well as reduce staffing costs and more free time are some of the great benefits of hiring a third party medical biller. The responsibility of training and education is off your shoulders, leaving you to be more thorough with your patients. We’re committed to helping independent physicians stay healthy and viable in this increasingly challenging environment, and we will work diligently to earn and keep your business.

Trusted by Healthcare professionals

"I have used Cvikota for my behavioral health companies billing needs for the last few years. Paul is my main point of contact and is very responsive and helpful, but all of the support staff are on top of their game."

Brett Knutson

"I've been with Cvikota for over 25 years. The leadership is loyal to employees, and managing staff hold themselves accountable to leadership, and those they lead. Medical billing can be challenging, and isn't for everyone. But, if you're sharp, know how to use a keyboard, and show up everyday, it's a great place to work."

Paul Andres

"Cvikota has performed billing and credentialing services for the past few years for my Chiropractic clinics. The team has proven to be efficient, cost effective and productive. I highly encourage outsourcing and will continue to recommend Cvikota Billing."

John Anderson

"Been working at Cvikota's Eau Claire office for almost 10 years. I love it here! The people are great, and the company truly cares about its employees, clients, and patients. Highly recommend."

Clint Johnson

"Been working at Cvikota's Eau Claire office for almost 10 years. I love it here! The people are great, and the company truly cares about its employees, clients, and patients. Highly recommend."

Clint Johnson

"We have used Cvikota MBS for our medical billing since 2016. They have been efficient, productive, and personable. Cvikota MBS truly helped us establish our agency in La Crosse and the surrounding areas."

Jay Clark

"The Cvikota MBS system has evolved with technology over the decades—but always with the same goal of efficiency and accuracy. So this is no startup with "iffy" technology and unrealistic goals. The key is keeping what works and changing what needs to be. That way you end up with something reliable—but flexible enough to handle the ever changing landscape of medical billing."

Patrick Kelley

"Great group of professionals... I highly recommend working with them if you need help with your medical billing and RCM. Also, Curt (the owner) and Paul in sales are very responsive."

Eric M. Forte

"I'm proud to call this my work family. We've been producing excellent results and services for our clients for 50 years. Here's to the next 50."

Curt Cvikota

"They are great at reaching out they have a question, and the response for my questions is very fast. I appreciate their friendliness and recommend them if you are needing a medical billing company!"

Lisa Hammes

"Worked with Cvikota for several years now. They are always highly responsive, knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to work with."

Chris Rinkenberger

"Absolute certainty & assurance for bed side manor for our patients and clients. True compassion with our team!!!"

Anthony Carpenter

"Great place to work. Friendly staff. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow."

Mike Manke

"I have been with the company for 15 years and can say this is a company that cares about YOU."

Brittany Mattison

"The staff is treated as if they are the CEO by your company. We love to see Paul each week."

Brett K., Owner and President

"Whenever an issue might arise, I have peace of mind knowing my expectations for resolution will be timely and thoroughly met."

Gail P., Practice Manager

"I sincerely value and appreciate the exceptional professional relationship that has been cordially cultivated over the years."

Gail P., Practice Manager

"At any point in time that I need to get something clarified or talk to Clint he has always been on point and able to answer my questions."

Evan V., Administrator

"You have always met or exceeded our expectations."

Evan V., Administrator

"Patti, Karen, Paul and Curt are always immensely responsive and helpful."

Gail P., Practice Manager

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