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Internal Medicine Billing

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We know internal medicine is more than just family practice for adults.  The downward pressure on reimbursement can mean working harder and making less.  We work hard on RCM so internists can focus on their work.  We do everything possible to get you paid, so you can rest assured, knowing that claims filing, patient billing, and accounts receivable management are in the hands of committed experts who will work with your staff in a supporting role to make sure your office functions at the highest level possible.  Simply click on the Contact Us button, or call us today at 800-657-5175 to learn how Cvikota Medical Business Services can help your practice.

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Working with an RCM partner is often a way to gain expertise and reduce costs.

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Internal Medicine Billing

Cvikota Medical Business Services is also affiliated with Cvikota EMS Ambulance Billing Professionals, as well as our website development division, Webteam, Inc. Cvikota MBS serves clients nation-wide, with offices in Wisconsin and Tennessee.