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Claims Management and Claims Tracking

Status* is a comprehensive claims submission and remittance management application that integrates with our RCM suite to give you higher first-pass acceptance rates; faster delivery to payers; and superior denial management, thanks to its complete detailing of each event within a claim’s lifecycle.  Using Status*, we identify problem claims early and take necessary steps to assure medical claims are processed in a timely manner.  Then, we monitor the claim throughout its life cycle, using our automatic account follow-up tools to aid our medical billing specialists in working denials and resolving payor issues, an integral part of our revenue cycle management process.  

Timely and accurate medical billing and effective claims follow up is often the difference between merely paying the bills and being truly successful.  At Cvikota MBS, we set ourselves apart with the best personal service in the business and insurance follow-up efforts that get results.

Medical Claims Management and Claims Follow-Up

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