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EHR Integration

EHR Integration with Medical Billing

Because EHR systems collect diagnosis and CPT information as part of the medical record, many EHR vendors have incorporated modest medical billing modules into their systems. The logic is simple enough, and these "bare bones" systems seem like a natural outgrowth of collecting diagnosis and CPT data. However, experienced practice managers know that effective medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) goes far beyond producing an electronic claim file.

Cvikota Medical Business Services is working with several EHR vendors to integrate patient demographic and medical coding data with Cvikota MBS RCM Suite. Using standard HL7 interfaces, data necessary for billing is captured to the Cvikota MBS PM software where medical billing specialists eye the data and the process of claims filing and accounts receivable management begins. EHR end-users need not touch the billing process at all, and the seamless flow of charge data keeps revenue cycle management in the hands of committed professionals.

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