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The Way of Success is Messy

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Oxen“Where there are no oxen, the stall is clean, but great harvest comes from the strength of the ox.”
    -Proverbs 14:4

The meaning is clear:  If you want to enjoy success you’re going to have to shovel some s**t.  

Much has been made about weirdness of 2020.  A charged political environment, the volatile economy, social unrest, the disappointment of Fantasy Island (the movie), and Covid 19 and its effect on EVERYTHING, have upended and tossed about many of our plans, our businesses, our relationships, and our very way of life.  2020 has taken its emotional, physical, and financial toll on all of us.

Medial practices have been hit hard.  Depending upon your specialty, patient encounters, charge and payment volume, and other KPIs may have dropped 50% or more.  Radiology Business reports the use of preventative and elective care services—including MRI and mammography—plummeted nationwide (mammograms as much as 67%) during the first two months of the pandemic.  A few of our office-based clients took a break from seeing patients altogether.

I suspect if last November we had known what 2020 would bring, we would have approached our lives much differently.  
Still, we’re moving forward.  

  • Telemedicine is proving to be a viable option for healthcare delivery.  Billing for it was an initial challenge as payers decided which modifiers they wanted to use, but we figured it out and reimbursement is flowing. 
  • Our hard work has helped keep our clients seeing patients.  In fact, a recent client satisfaction survey showed our customers are very happy, not with just our service, but with the people who take care of them.  
  • We continue to innovate and leverage new technologies.  The Account Manager has made many of our processes hugely more efficient, and other strategic technology investments are setting the table for continued success.
  • Rebranding to CvikotaMBS has consolidated HealthOne and The Billing Pros under a single identifiable company, resulting in more consistent messaging in our marketing.
  • Soon, electronic statements will give patients new options for receipt and payment of their bills.

In the face of challenges nearly inconceivable 12 months ago, we and the healthcare practices we serve are adapting.  Like all worthwhile change, adaptation isn’t always easy, or clean.  There are challenges, expected and unforeseen, some distasteful and some smelly.  Doing the right things consistently means a good harvest is coming.  But we won’t get there without some mess.

There's poop in our barns.  And that's good.  Let's each grab a shovel.

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